How do I run ads on Google?-Create a Campaigns &  Eligible Policy

Google has been there to entertain its users with a number of services they have and multiplied them over time. With several services, Google lets you advertise with them as well. There is no doubt that Google services are the most famous and used products. However, it will eventually multiply the reach of your product as the more will see it, the higher the demand will be. But before that, you need to know how advertisements with Google work. For that, you need to get through how you can run ads on google, what is the policy, cost, and other information related to the same. Here are going to discuss each detail related to it and enlighten you about the same so you can easily ask Google to run your advertisements.

What is the policy of running ads on Google?

Before you start running advertisements on Google, it is extremely important to be well-informed about all the terms and conditions that have been included in the policy. If you have all the details of this policy, then advertising your products with Google will become easier. We have discussed the policy in detail below: 

  • The promotion of some products and services is prohibited by Google especially the ones that can cause damage or harm to society. These could be drugs, products with extreme amounts of chemicals, etc.

  • Explosive materials, drug use, weapons, fireworks, and explosive materials are not allowed to be advertised on Google.

  • Any instructions given on making explosives, drugs, poison, tobacco, or any other harmful thing are not allowed for promotion.

  • Anything that is adding corrupt behavior will not be allowed to google such as hacking any system or software, fake papers, website advertisements, etc.

  • If your content or product is spreading discrimination, racism, violence, or intolerance towards a particular set of people, religion, company, caste, or class, then it will be rejected for advertisements with Google. 

  • Bullying, accident images, self-harm, murder, crime against animals, crime scene images, etc, will not be allowed to be promoted.

  • Copied or hacked content or the instructions about the same will be prohibited.

  • The data you wil share about yourself and the product will be saved with Google and will not be harmed or manipulated in any way.

  • The online advertising is, without any doubt, the most powerful and quickest way to promote your content.

  • Google has been committed to delivering the right content to the right audience, and this is the reason that Google has limited some content to users who are signed in below 18 years of age.

  • One more thing that is required to follow when it comes to advertising with Google is the preferences of the audience, and this is why it is needed to block or stop certain kinds of content.

  • Google complies with local laws and the standards the industry follows; therefore, there are some specific alcohol related advertisements that are not allowed. You need to get through the policy in detail to know about the alcoholic beverages that are permitted.


How to run advertisements on Google?

To run ads on Google, you need to be registered with Google Advertisements. You will be required to provide each and every detail about yourself and the product you are going to project for promotions on Google. For that, first, you must have a google ads account. There is a small procedure that needs to be followed, and here have mentioned it below for your convenience so you can register your content/product or service for the promotion by opening an account:

  • Visit the official page for Google ads

  • Then, you have to select Create a Google Ads account, and a page will open.

  • Click on Sign up for Google Ads and then on "New Google Ads Account" and after adding some personal details, you will be navigated to the campaign.

  • Write your business name, and location, share the URL of the work you have done, and submit the required documents for verification.

  • Google will take 7 to 10 business days for verification and then inform you about the same by sending you an email.

Can I run Google Ads myself?

Yes, Google allows you to run Google Ads or campaigns. It will be extremely easy as you can design the promotion by adding all the details of the service or the product. You will be the one handling everything from the audience reach to how the advertisement will be presented before the users. Therefore, no one will be accountable if, in any case, your advertisements do not work or gain the engagement you have been looking for.

Can I run ads on Google for free?

When it comes to whether Google ads are free of cost or not, then creating an account with Google ads or signing in to it as many times as you want is completely free of charge. However, for advertising with Google, you have to pay a certain amount to them. These charges will definitely depend on the service/product or the content you are promoting, the region you have selected, and how much reach you require for the same.

How much is it to run Google Ads?

If you are advertising with Google then you must know that you have to pay them for the services, as it is not free of charge. The amount you are required to pay with Google has been divided into four parts according to the type of advertising you are doing, and all of them are listed below:

  • CPC (Google Search Network) - you will be paid at least 1$ to 2$ per click with this Google search. 

  • CPC (Google Display Network) - 1$ or less per click.

  • Professional Google Ads Management - $300 to $5000 or at least 12-30% of the advertisement spend every month.

  • PPC Management Devices- $15 to $800 per month

Here have discussed all th details that can enlighten you on how the Google Ads run, what you will be permitted to do, and what is not allowed. If you get more queries related to the same, you can contact the customer support of Google and ask for help. 


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