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Popular destinations in Miami

In case a person from anywhere is planning their vacation trip with their friends or family to visit Miami but is confused about which places they should go first or which place will be good for the photos or to visit with kids. So, here, with the help of this blog information, you can learn about the most visited places and popular places to visit in Miami during your whole trip since it includes the official information and will guide you properly to visit places with kids or family for different fun activities.

Which is the most visited part of Miami?

In the event of a person who is a first-time traveler visiting Miami with their friends, they might be wondering about the most visited place by tourists in Miami. So, according to the reports, the most popular and visited place in Miami is South Beach, which is also known as SoBe, i.e., located in the southern end of Miami. This SoBe is the most beautiful coastal neighborhood of Miami. This South Beach is covered with white sand that stretches across the whole USA, and it becomes more crowded in the summer with the local people and tourists from all over the world.

  • You can visit this place to swim and soak up in the sun while escaping the heat and enjoying the shallow waters.

  • This beach area becomes more beautiful at night as it provides nice dining options to the people.

What are the top places to visit in Miami?

People who don't know about the tourist places and adventurous places in Miami might be wondering and curious to know the top things to visit in Miami, so read this below information to know more about the best places in Miami:

  • Little Havana: People can visit Little Havana as this area includes Mediterranean-style houses, tobacco scents, Domino Park, and Latin music, which all contribute to and give authentic Cuban Vibes. The largest street festival held by the neighborhood every year is called the annual Calle Ocho parade. 

  • Miami Zoo: Tourists can visit the Miami Zoo as it is the largest and one and only tropical Zoo in the whole USA, which consists of about 3000 animals on more than 750 acres. The Zoo is visited by thousands of travelers from all over the world. In this Zoo, the air-conditioned monorail system operates around the whole Zoo, which provides both an aerial view and an easy way to move between sections of the Zoo. The best time to visit Miami Zoo is from March to May.

  • Miami Seaquarium: You can visit the Miami Seaquarium, which is a house for marine mammals, fishes, sharks, sea turtles, birds, manatees, and reptiles, wherein visitors can enjoy the view of fishes. This place is the world's oldest captive orca that provides daily presentations and hosts overnight events and group programs. The opening hours of this place are from 10 am to 6 pm, which has an entrance fee of USD 44.99 for adults.

  • American Airline Arena: Travellers can visit American Airlines Arena, which is the home of the NBA team and provides you with the Sports and entertainment arena. This place hosts many events that include wrestling matches, music concerts, and other entertainment-related programs. 


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