What should you do if someone post on Facebook about Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is directly linked with coercive selling or purchasing, irrespective of religion, caste, race, etc., of women, men, and children all around the world. However, to eradicate the issue, some strict laws have been introduced on the National and International level. Provided that, instead of dealing physically, humans are trafficked on social media platforms, for example, Facebook. If you witness such illegal activity on the same platform, you can perform several activities to eradicate the exploitation of humans or their trafficking, and you can know those activities by taking a thorough look at the discussion.

Is Facebook strict with human exploitation on its platform?

Facebook is closely working with Polaris (indulged in preventing human trafficking) National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH) to assist trafficking victims and survivors. 

How do you react on Facebook to any post related to Human trafficking?

Users often witness posts promoting human trafficking agenda on Facebook for some nominal earnings. This act takes away one’s personal liberty and endangers lives.

Contact the law enforcement team.

  • In case you witness any human trafficking content, you must get to the local law enforcement team immediately at 112.

  • And after that, it's always advised to report that concerned content on Facebook so they can look into the matter.

How do you report content on Facebook for Human Trafficking?

In case you come across some content remarking on human trafficking for any purpose, you must act immediately on that and submit your report to Facebook. You can also request your known ones to do the same. So, learn to report via the procedures provided:

Submit a report.

Facebook gives the tab to submit a report in order to prevent the existing human trafficking on its platform. To learn the method, you have to consider the steps that are given below; please take a look:

  • Once you contact the law enforcement team, click on the content (highlighting the human trafficking act).

  • Click on the three dots available at the top of that concerned post.

  • Tap on the “Report a problem.”

  • Choose the appropriate issue, and brief your issue in the box. (Explain the post is related to human trafficking, inciting the audience for some monetary gains, etc.)

  • You can submit the issue.

NOTE: You are recommended to take action immediately and keep the screenshot to yourself so it can be shown to the law enforcement agency in need.

Brief the concern and send it to the email address.

It is the responsibility of the active users to inform the agency as soon as they find any content post that goes against the community guidelines, they must inform the Facebook agency. You must take a screenshot of the post promoting human trafficking or is related to the same and send it to nhtrc@polarisproject.org. There, you have to explain the concern in a comprehensive manner. 

Initiatives to prevent human trafficking on Facebook.

If you are a victim or found other ones to be the one, below are the different techniques you can adopt to file a complaint to the concerned authority so that actions can be taken immediately in order to prevent it. Please note down the information that can be relevant for you; please take a look:

  • Global Mission 89— This protects young athletes from trafficking, and if you witness the concerned issue, you can immediately forward your issues to info@mission89.org, or you can reach via phone call at +41 79 957 9202. 

  • Stop the Traffik— You can also reach the concerned agents through an email at https://www.stopthetraffik.org. The agents will indeed approach you to fix the concern. 

  • Atfal Mafkoda— This is primarily dedicated to the missing children in the region. In case of any trafficking or missing of a child, you can submit your complaint at trafficking@atfalmafkoda.com or make a call at +20111444472. 


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