What to do if Gmail is not receiving emails?

Find the Reasons and soultions for Gmail is not receiving emails

Your sender just sent an email on your Gmail and you did not receive it? Then you tried it once again but you happen to see the same thing? And then you notice that no email is being received to you on your Gmail then you shall not panic. This can be because of some reasons that are unknown to you. So, to get away with such an issue you can refer to the information mentioned in this page.

Reasons for Gmail is Not Receiving Emails!

Before getting away with the issue it is better to know the reasons that caused it and for that here are some reasons stated. These reasons might be basic and can be resolved by you.

  1. When internet connection is not working properly.

  2. If you have not updated the Gmail application version or the version of the web browser that you happen to use is not updated.

  3. Also, if you have not cleared the inbox and outbox for a long time and it is almost full.

  4. Another reason that may cause your emails not receiving is when the cookies and caches are not cleared from the settings of Gmail.

And there can be many other issues which can lead you to face Gmail is not receiving emails and hence facing issues. But the resolutions are also discussed below.

Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Gmail is Not Receiving Emails!

  1. First, check the internet connection. If not working or has a slow speed then contact your service provider.

  2. Update the Gmail application to its latest version and also do not forget to update the web browser.

  3. Clear all the unwanted text messages from inbox and outbox to make space for new emails.

  4. Delete all the cookies and caches from the settings of the Gmail application to get the emails going.

Even after trying the steps above your issue does not resolve then you can contact Gmail support any time.


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