What to do if I can not get into my Instagram?

Instagram is a worldwide social networking platform used by almost everyone since it offers entertainment, connectivity, and social life with others. Sometimes people who have an account on Instagram and use it regularly suddenly find their  Instagram account not working, or they cannot log in to their account, or their Instagram is not open. In this situation, the document can be their help tool through which they can resolve their Instagram issues and efficiently run their Instagram account.

To troubleshoot Instagram account people must restart their device (Laptop/Mobile). Not working issues can occur dure to poor wifi connectivity so restart your wifi first.

How can a person reset his Instagram account password?

In some events, people face issues with their Instagram accounts, like they don’t remember their password or forgetting their username or email id or any other issues. So, in this case, they can reset their Instagram account password.

In case of forgetting your password:

Read the below instructions to reset the password:

  • People can also reset their password by using their Facebook account.

  • Go to the Instagram official portal or open its mobile application.

  • Then, visit their log-in page wherein you need to tap the “forgot password.”

  • Now, you are required to write your username, email address, or phone number associated with that specific Instagram account.

  • Then, tap on the next button.

  • After that code will be sent to your email id or phone number, which you have entered above in the blank.

  • Then, you need to enter that code on your Instagram page.

  • Now you will redirect to another page wherein you have to write your new strong password and then again enter that new password in the “confirm password” column.

  • After that, click the continue button and complete the process.

  • Instagram will be sent you a confirmation email for resetting the password.

In case of forgetting your email address or username: Learn the below steps:

  • People who forget their email address need to reset the password of their Instagram account.

  • When a user goes to the Instagram mobile app or their website, he needs to click the “forget password” option on their screen.

  • Then, he must enter his phone number, which is connected to and associated with his Instagram account.

  • Now, he will receive the verification code on his registered phone number.

  • After that, he must write the verification codes in the given column.

  • Tap on the “next” option.

  • Afterward, they need to reset the password by entering the new password.

  • Write again' your new password in the confirm password option.

  • Then, tap the continue button.

  • The confirmation email will sent to associated email address.

What issues can people face in their Instagram accounts for which they need to reset their password?

Through the reference to the above information, people will understand and learn to reset their password. Below are some problems people could face while using their Instagram accounts.

  • Sometimes, instagram users' accounts get hacked or taken over by someone for an issue or other reasons. This is one of the primary reasons why users want to reset their passwords.

  • One of the main reasons is forgetting the password or email address, for which they get the need to reset the password of their Instagram account.

Sometimes, people want to reset their password to strengthen their password so their account can’t get hacked.


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