Thailand Vs Vietnam- Which is Better option for Travelers- Guide 2024

Both Thailand and Vietnam are beautiful countries in Southern Asia mainland. You might have planned to have an unforgettable trip to this mainland but got torn between the allure of the country of Thailand and the country of mystique Vietnam. Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, is a Southern Asia country with a population of about 70 million people, whereas, on the other hand, Vietnam has about 90 million. Both countries are widely accessible to tourist spots and have fantastic infrastructure to witness by backpackers and international travelers all over the world. Let us compare and have a fruitful conclusion between Thailand Vs Vietnam.

Following is the comparison between Thailand and Vietnam on different parameters:

  • Based on the number of visitors and population of the country

Thailand is more popular than Vietnam in terms of the number of visits by tourists per year on average. Thailand has more than 11 million of people visiting in the year 2022, compared to 3.3 million tourists in Vietnam. In terms of population, Thailand has 70 million population, whereas it is about 90 million.

  • Based on the affordability of travel

When it comes to affordability, both Vietnam and Thailand are relatively inexpensive destinations for budget travelers compared to many other countries worldwide. However, in general, the country Vietnam is considered to be a more pocket-friendly option for people traveling on fairly low budgets.than Thailand. Be it to discuss the country's food, hotel accommodations, transportation charges etc. All these are comparatively cheaper in Vietnam, especially in rural suburbs. Thus, Vietnam is known for its affordability.

  • Based on history, heritage, culture, and the scenic beauty

Thailand has one of the classic heritage that are situated among the land of beaches. The temples in Thailand are the best astonishing and historical infrastructure in the world. Vietnam does not have many historic sites as compared to Thailand, but some of the famous ones include the Khai Dhin Tomb and Hue Imperial Citadel. Thailand has a more vibrant culture influenced by Hindu, Buddhism, and Khmer cultures, while Vietnam has Chinese and French variations. Thailand has some stunning beaches and islands, lush forest lands, and amazingly epic limestone cliffs, whereas Vietnam has many beautiful limestone cliffs and astonishingly beautiful mountain ranges. Thailand has a more colorful nightlife, whereas Vietnam has a more rustic one. Local marketplaces, shopping complexes, and shopping paradises are present in both countries very conveniently and easily.

  • Based on food and cuisine

Both Thai and Vietnamese food and cuisine are admired all over the world equally. If you are fond of spicy food with lots of sweet, sour, hot, and spicy flavors, then Thai cuisine should be the go-to choice. The food of Vietnam is lighter and puts emphasis on freshness and their pure blend of seasonings. One of the famous Thai dishes is Pad Thai and Thai green curry. And in Vietnamese has the comforting soup pho and bun cha.

  • Based on ease of traveling availability

Both Thailand and Vietnam have easy-to-go public transport network systems, so traveling around becomes hassle-free and smooth. Thailand, though, has a better road system and metro, bus and car transport. Vietnam, on the other hand, has decent train options and second-graded roads. The main local transport in both countries are taxis and cars. Also, getting to both countries, Thailand and Vietnam, is relatively easy as the countries are greatly and considerably connected with the proper airline regime.


Ultimately, both Vietnam and Thailand have interestingly beautiful landscapes, shopping, and entertainment options, so it depends on what type of destination you are looking for when traveling to the Southern Asia region. Thus, based on your own choice and comparing the above parameters, you can decide on which travel destination would be more suitable for you.


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