Why are some sites not opening in Google Chrome?

Chrome has been one of the widest usable platforms all over the world. The users find every kind of information on this platform. You can receive a proper answer to your question from Google Chrome. The browser also comes with different features and products that make your daily operations easy and smooth. You can operate with your own preferred language so that your task will be hassle-free. Chrome gives you a channel on which you can run different sites related to shopping , news, food, shows, and many more. But sometimes, it may happen when some site is not opening in Chrome, which becomes a headache for you to work on your task and disturb the process. Then you have to solve it, for this brings you different approaches by applying, you can resolve the issue.

Here are different methods to resolve the site not opening in Chrome :

  • First, you need to check the internet connection. You must ensure the device is connected to the internet and the connection is stable or smooth. You can run another website to confirm whether the connection is working correctly. 

  • If it is still not working, then you can restart the device and router because simply restarting the system can help in improving the connectivity and fix the issue. 

  • You can clear your browser cache because after clearing your browser cache can enhance the website loading time and increase the performance of Chrome. Removal of extra cache memory can clear all the errors in the browser and make it new for you to use. 

  • You can also turn off browser extensions because browser extensions can disturb the internet connection to the website. You can switch off the extensions you have installed then try accessing the website again.

  • You can update your browser, and you need to make sure that the latest version of the web browser has been used. If it is not, then you need to make sure that the updating process is automatically started for future operations because the outdated browser can cause a problem while running the website. 

  • You can try a different browser if you are still facing the issue. 

  • You can make sure that your antivirus or firewall that has been installed in your system is not blocking the particular sites to get access to the chrome. To resolve that issue, you need to make sure that you add the extension, or you can disable the software test temporarily so that the block sites can be opened quickly. 

  • You can use a different device or network to get access to the device because it may be the reason that your current device has some problem with the Chrome, but when switching to another device or network the chrome may start properly and turn on all the websites. 

At last, you can look for the Flush DNS cache because every computer has the DNS cache, which may cause the issue, so remove the DNS cache, then go through the below-written steps.

  • Go to the Windows tab, go to the command prompt as administrator, then write "ipconfig/flushdns" and click enter.

  • If you have MAC os, you can open the terminal, type sudo killall-HUP mDNSResponder" and click on enter, then fill in your admin password when prompted.

You can check the computer's date and time settings once you open your computer, then check at the right lower part of the sites whether the date and time are correct because it can make the browser outdated due to which it is not able to turn on different sites on the browser for that you can follow the below-discussed procedure to reset your system schedule.

  • Go to the screen and click on the taskbar, select the date and time settings, move to the set time automatically, and then select "Sync Now" button to reset the clock".

  • In case the time or date is wrong on a Mac, then you can go to the Apple menu, tap on the system preferences, and click on the date and time. After that, tap on the padlock so you can make changes. Then ensure the box next to "set date and time automatically". You can make it more accurate if it is connected to the internet.

If you have tried all these steps but are still facing the issue, then you need to be more specific about the sites while giving information to the Google customer service team. 


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