Why does Facebook fail ID verification and How do I verify it?

In simple, Facebook is an online social networking platform that users use to share content or videos with friends, and others. There may be several issues when Facebook not verifying my ID, but the most common reason is unclear pictures, which are shared at the time of verification. So, before sharing the ID with a picture, be sure it is visible and clear to detect at the time of verification. The given top reasons are also responsible for the Facebook ID verification problems.

  • Photo Issues: When the image of ID proof is too blurry and unable to be detected properly, Facebook will reject the verification with the shared ID pictures.

  • Missing Information: The shared ID proof does not include all essential details required for verifications.

  • Mismatch Data: Facebook will not verify when the uploaded ID proof as the pictures do not match perfectly with the user's ID and belong to someone else.

  • Name and age: When the uploaded user ID does not contain the same name and age as told by users, Facebook cannot verify the ID.       

How do I verify my Facebook ID?

When users observe that their ID verification process cannot be completed for any reason, whether name mismatch, blurry Photo, or missing information, they can fix it by taking the appropriate steps. Also, the given steps will help them in resolving their verification problems so that Facebook can verify the ID proofs.

  • Users should submit the new clear ID proof photo to Facebook if their verification is pending because of blurry Photo issues.

  • Also, users can submit the appeal again to Facebook to consider the same shared Photo ID if it looks perfect for the verification and there is nothing wrong with that. To submit an appeal, they can visit www.facebook.com/Id and wait for 48 days for a proper response regarding the raised appeal.

  • When users' ID verification is unaccepted because of name issues they should update their Facebook profile name or set up a new name that matches the shared ID proof.

  • Similarly, users should provide the correct age and Photo that exactly belongs to the users to get the simple verification at Facebook.

  • When Facebook denies verification for any reason and does not specify it, you can request them or appeal to provide valid reasons for rejection or accept if it is considerable. 

What different user IDs are allowed for Facebook verification?

Users can submit several types of ID proofs to Facebook for verification purposes. Some ID proofs that Facebook accepts here for the verifications are as follows.

  • Any government-issued ID proofs such as driving license, passport, tribal card, social security card, and post office ID proofs.

  • Non-government IDs include employee IDs, NGO-related proofs, and other reliable organizations-related documents.

  • Official certificates and proof of ID are used for the magnize subscriptions. 

Is sharing or uploading ID proof on Facebook for verifications safe?

Whenever users submit a soft copy of their ID proofs on Facebook for verification purposes, it is encrypted and stored securely. No one else can access it and use it without users' permission. The shared ID proofs is only used for verifications  



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